Three new models are replica watches added to the

Three new models are replica watches added to the Millenary collection at SIHH next month, with smaller and brighter cases than ever. The Millenary is one of the three Audemars Piguet collections that contain women's watches, but in essence it is the most feminine of the complete collections of the brand. Both the Royal Oak and the Royal Oak Offshore have women's versions, but they started out as and are known primarily as men's collections. Jewelry collections are unique limited edition pieces, certainly not made for everyday use or wallet. This leaves the Audemars Piguet Millenary, with its distinctive elliptical case and off-center dial.

The Millenary collection, which was launched in 1995, has always been a platform for watchmaking metiers d'art, about a decade before the revival of these crafts in the rest of the watch world. The gem is a strong point of the collection that differentiates watches from the more sporty Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore pieces. At the same time, a partially open dial gives the Millenary a technical aspect - a reminder that comes from one of the leading manufacturers of mechanical movements. The Millenary, updated in 2015, will be updated with three new models at SIHH next month in Geneva, including two versions in gold with diamonds and one with a gold case.

The strap case has a "satin gold" finish that gives it the appearance replica watches uk of hand-finished jewelry. Frosted gold is a collaboration between Audemars Piguet and Florentine jewelry designer Carolina Bucci, using a technique known as the Florentine method. It is created using a diamond-tipped tool to make small indentations on the surface, which culminates in a sparkling sparkle, like snow. The goal was presented last year on the women's Royal Oak. On the Millenary, it is applied between the glossy sections on the frame and the step fins, as well as on the areas of the case. The signature sub-dials of the signature that record hours, minutes and seconds are set with opal, a new composition material for this collection. Audemars Piguet also adds a fashionable element to the strap version. It is available in different colors and textures, including rubber, alligator, fabric or velvet and a choice of blue, gray, red, pink, light green or purple.

The versions with a white or pink gold bracelet have bracelets that, like the frosted finish, have a hand-made element that gives the watch a jewel aesthetic. Audemars Piguet calls it the Polish bracelet because it is produced with a particular textured pattern that creates a more elastic feeling on the wrist. It is built by weaving gold threads, very similar to a Milanese style bracelet, but with a difference (which according to Audemars Piguet makes it more comfortable to wear). In the Polish bracelet, the gold threads are woven into a pattern on the right-to-left rather than in the same direction. The result is a bracelet that is more flexible and therefore embraces the wrist like a rolex replica second skin. This is made more possible by the possibility of resizing the bracelet by adding or removing the links in 5 mm sections. The sub-dials on the bracelet models are in mother-of-pearl.